WBF President’s Post: A New Beginning

I feel deeply humbled and honored to have been asked to serve the World Baptist Fellowship as your President.  Even though it was something that was never in my mind and heart, I am willing to serve our pastors and churches in seeking God’s vision for the coming years of our Fellowship.

I love the World Baptist Fellowship!  I understand that it is not the only family of fundamental Baptist churches and pastors, but it is my family, and for many of you, it is your family.  It was always an honor to represent the WBF as a missionary around the country and overseas, and it is still an honor to now be involved as the pastor of a stateside church.

From our roots as the World Fundamental Baptist Missionary Fellowship, we have stood for the fundamental doctrines of Scripture, such as the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture, the virgin birth and deity of Christ, and the imminent, bodily return of Jesus.  We have also been a Fellowship that is passionate about world missions and church planting.  As you find within many of our local churches, we are a very diverse network of churches and pastors, with varied views and convictions on certain matters, and yet united around the greatest purposes in the Kingdom of God.  I tell our congregation all the time:  Our differences are not liabilities to get rid of; they are assets, blessings and benefits that we need to celebrate.  In fact, the entire message of the Gospel is about all different genders, nationalities, ethnic groups, cultures, languages and generations brought together by the Cross of Jesus.  Our unity, despite our diversity, is what displays the power of the Gospel to the world.

As President, I want to hear from you.  I am praying for God to give us a clear vision and some God-sized initiatives that we can rally around and partner together on to make an eternal difference.  Some of these initiatives include:

  • Restoring the function and leadership of the Fellowship Board
  • Creating a WBF website and social media presence
  • Opening an account to fund our Fellowship projects
  • Launching a Top O’ Hill Restoration Fund
  • Seeking sponsorships for pastors of church plants and struggling churches to attend our national meetings
  • Developing our church planting network to give church planters far greater access to resources and assistance

I am forever grateful for our past and heritage as the World Baptist Fellowship.  We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.  However, I have no desire to relive or recreate the past.  I want to faithfully and passionately serve the Lord and His Kingdom in my generation, and intentionally serve the generation to come.  Will you join me in seeking God’s vision for the World Baptist Fellowship?  I can’t wait to see what God has in store!


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