Why Sunday Evenings Matter

I recently posted a question on Twitter and Facebook: “Why do you go to church on Sunday evenings?”  It was fascinating to read the comments that kept coming for several days.  Some had to do with obedience to, and love for, God’s Word, others to merely a habit or routine.  The Sunday evening service is one of the most overlooked and neglected of our three weekly services.  Let me share a few reasons why I think it matters that you be there.


  1. God commands it – Hebrews 10:25 exhorts us not to “forsake” (abandon, desert) the times when the local church assembles as a body of believers. It matters to God, and should matter to us!
  2. It is the Lord’s DAY – The entire Sunday is the Lord’s Day, not just the morning.  We ought to dedicate the entire day (individually and as families) as a day of worship and spiritual re-focusing for the rest of the week.
  3. The content is beneficial – We strive to offer a variety of Biblical emphases and studies that are interesting, practical, and beneficial.  Every series is selected with you in mind.  And yet we also mix in our Fifth Sunday Sings, Teen Services, and observances of the Lord’s Supper.  You are truly missing out if you aren’t there!
  4. Parents can model their faith and devotion – It gives parents the opportunity (in a church service) to demonstrate to their kids that the Lord’s work truly matters.  Kids can observe parents and adult believers worshiping the Lord and listening to God’s Word. They need role models!
  5. Children can learn to be in church services – Yes, Sunday School, Kids Zone and AWANA are important ministries that can drive home God’s Word in an exciting, practical and challenging way to our children.  But they also need to learn that church is more than just kids programs.  They need to learn to behave in the sanctuary, sing with the congregation, and yes, sit still during the preaching (I Tim. 3:15)!  Not “fun” for them?  Neither are vegetables, winter gloves and vaccinations – but they are important in life.
  6. We need the fellowship – The time we can spend with our fellow believers is so small compared to the time with our secular co-workers and classmates.  We need the encouragement and fellowship.  The truth is, Sunday mornings are often so rushed and busy that we can’t really stop and talk much.  Sunday evenings give us a better environment and atmosphere to be with each other.  Why not make it a point to start coming?

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