Unleashing People


There are few things that inspire and energize a leader more than to see those you lead begin to catch a vision and run with passion.  I don’t mean simply doing what they are asked to do; but seeing needs, having a burden and moving to do something about it.  My role as a pastor and leader is to cast vision and equip people to do and be what God wants them to be.  But if that is going to happen, I need to be prepared to unleash people to serve God and serve others.

I do not have all the ideas.  I cannot initiate or lead every endeavor.  I cannot attend every event, meeting or activity.  I cannot personally approve every decision before action is taken.  That would stifle the growth of God’s work.  That would de-motivate people who are ready and willing to move forward.  That would keep significant needs from being met.  That would hinder the growth and development of those I lead.

Yes, I need to cast the vision that God has for us as a church.  I need to point the direction.  I need to set the parameters.  I need to equip people to effectively do what they are called and asked to do.  But then I need to unleash them!  I need to give them responsibility and authority.  I need to delegate.  I need to allow them the freedom to serve, and at times, even to fail (and learn).  I need to give people ownership of the ministries where they serve.   The beautiful result is that Christians get to see the Lord working in them and through them, strengthening their faith, and leading them toward spiritual maturity.

What benefits to unleashing people have you seen and experienced?


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