Idols in Ministry

Last Sunday I preached on the second of the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image (Ex. 20:5).  It was a challenge addressing the issue of idolatry, which penetrates us all deeply in one way or another (Watch the video at  God challenges us to expose and destroy, not just physical external idols, but even idols of the heart (Ezekiel 14) – anything or anyone other than God Himself to which we yield, seek to please, or that we serve with our time, resources, and energy.

It is a struggle we all share because we are depraved, idolatrous creatures.  We are created to be creatures of worship, but our fallen nature seeks to worship anything and everything other than God Himself.  In my message I identified several things that our society and families often idolize.  But I wonder, when it comes to the Gospel ministry and serving the Lord as a minister of Jesus Christ, what are some things that fight for supremacy in my heart?

I can quickly think of several things that we as ministers struggle with.  We find ourselves thinking, worrying and making decisions to address these before we address the bigger priority: Am I pleasing and obeying God?

  1. Attendance numbers
  2. Offering totals
  3. Decisions made
  4. Satisfying critics
  5. Impressing ministry colleagues

The list could go on.  So, my question to fellow pastors, missionaries, and preachers is this:  What are some ministry idols that seek to become more important that worshiping and pleasing our LORD?


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