Preacher, Be Relevant!

The pulpits in so many churches are out of touch.  Preachers are spending time and energy preparing and delivering sermons that answer questions that nobody is asking!  It has nothing to do with theology or hermeneutical accuracy.  It has to do with people hearing a sermon and wondering, “So what?  What does that have to do with what I am going through?”

The tragedy is that it leads people to think that the Bible is not relevant to their lives.  That church is not relevant to their lives.  Preacher, as you prepare to deliver God’s Word this Sunday, remember a few things:

It’s not about:

  • Displaying your theological education
  • Giving biblical head knowledge
  • Showing impressive oratory skills
  • Getting as many “amens” as possible
Preacher, you need to seek God’s face, dig into God’s Word, plead for God’s power, so you can:
  • Address the actual fears, hurts, and struggles that the people are facing
  • Show how Jesus is the true answer to each of those
  • Give people specific ways to respond to God and His Word
I have heard that preachers should prepare their sermons in order to answer three questions:
  1. “What?” What is the biblical text actually saying?
  2. “So what?” How is it important and relevant to my life today?
  3. “Now what?” What am I supposed to do now?
Preacher, be relevant!  Those who come to God’s House are hungry to hear from Him.  They are needy, broken and hurting.  They need to hear from Jesus.  Will you point them to Him?
What steps do you take to try and stay relevant as a preacher?  What are some things you try to avoid?  I would love to hear you thoughts in the comment section below.



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