Missionary, Thank You For Leading

Missionary, I want you to know how thankful I am for you.  I know many of you personally, and I thank God for your friendship and consistent testimony over the years.  But there is so much more that I am thankful for.

Missionary, thank you for leading by example.  You are living out the principle of indigenous church planting that we pastors and churches in the United States need to model and implement.  We need to lead churches that are not only self-governing and self-supporting, but that are also self-reproducing in other church plants in our region.  We need to be “hands on” in equipping the saints to do the work of the ministry, to step up to lead and to make disciples that make disciples within our congregations.  You lead by example in foreign countries or cultures, and you remind us of its importance with every prayer letter you write, and every missionary video you create.

Missionary, thank you for leading by example.  You are living out the principle of living by faith.  We all have to live by faith, regardless of our vocation or location, and yet you allow us to see what that looks like in a very tangible way.  You remind us that if you step out by faith, God will provide.  You remind us that even if God is your only Resource, He is more than sufficient.  You lead by example as you travel the country raising support, travel and live overseas or in other cultures, and then travel the nation reporting on God’s victories – all the while relying upon God to move the hearts of His people to provide for your needs.

Missionary, I know it’s not much, but thank you.


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