WBF President’s Post: We Need Your Help!


For all those who were able to attend the recent WBF Fall Meeting in Canton, Michigan, our hearts were filled, encouraged and deeply challenged as servants of God in the urgent cause of global missions.  Pastor Rick Henry, the great congregation of First Baptist Canton, and every speaker and musician were powerfully and graciously used of God.  Thank you to all who served in so many ways!

As we head into 2019, I see more than ever the need for churches, pastors and church leaders within the World Baptist Fellowship to join hearts and hands to carry out the mission God has given us.  The truth is, so many churches and pastors are isolated, discouraged and struggling to do on their own what God intends for us to do together.  It is time that we take consistent, practical steps to be there for each other, and to support the work that God is doing in each of our communities and regions.

The churches that make up World Baptist Fellowship do not exist to serve the national Fellowship.  The national Fellowship exists to serve, equip and encourage local churches and pastors.  The work that God has given to us was not given to a Fellowship or denomination.  It was given by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to the local church, but not for churches to serve in isolation from one another.  The New Testament example is one of partnership, cooperation and mutual support.  We need each other!

The WBF Executive Board is looking for churches around the country who may be struggling in their community, whose pastor may be discouraged, so that we can mobilize as WBF pastors and church volunteers to help canvas a community, organize an outreach, fix up a church building, or simply lift up the weary arms of God’s servants.  Can you help us?  If you or your church would like to be considered for such a project in the coming year, please contact any of our WBF Officers or Executive Board members.  If you are a pastor and would be willing to participate, even bring a volunteer team from your church, to help encourage and serve a sister church, please let us know that we can count on you.  We need your help!

Imagine the difference that can be made in communities around the country.  Imagine the joy that comes from selflessly serving a fellow brother in Christ.  Imagine the unity that comes to God’s people when they open their hands and hearts to one another.  May God grant us His favor as we move ahead in our mission as followers of Jesus.


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