2013 Men’s Conference Highlights


This past weekend we experienced yet another amazing Men’s Conference hosted by Mansfield Baptist Temple.  The theme was Expect A Victory, based on 1 Samuel 17:48 where David faced Goliath and “ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.”  Four tremendous preachers challenged us men with powerful, heartfelt messages from the Word of God.

Here are a few highlights from the various speakers:


Evangelist Mark Rogers:

  • Bible hope is not wishful thinking.”
  • Without hope we don’t expect a victory.”
  • Hope takes away shame” (Rom 5:5).
  • The world wants to take the shame out of sin.”


Pastor Bill Fennell:

  • Sin blinds, binds and ultimately grinds.”
  • We are living in the days of the mighty weakling.”


Rev. Scott Pauley (Crown College):

  • My story fits into His story. When I step out of His story, there is great danger.”
  • Every decision has a ripple effect.”
  • The story [of our life] is still being written.”
  • Every decision has a ripple effect.”
  • Whatever is still left to be written matters.”
  • Famines always come… but don’t last forever.”
  • Great men make dumb decisions in the famine.”
  • When God teaches, a test is coming.”
  • Worse than bad circumstances are bad choices.”


Pastor Kurt Skelly:

  • God puts us in impossible situations to give us greater capacity to please God by faith.”
  • We live on the interstate: go everywhere and see nothing. God has to stop us so we can see.”
  • To avoid dealing with pain we jump into mind-numbing activities.”
  • We often are foolish and stupid ‘as a beast.’ We respond to God like a dog responds to the word ‘treat!’”
  • We have to find the God-place or we will have a bad perspective.”
  • The Levites got no ‘stuff’ – but they got God! They got to serve God! And it is enough. ‘My portion forever.’”