Multiply: God’s Plan For His People

In a recent message, I opened my heart on a topic that has been building inside of me for a very long time. ¬†The concept is not mine; it’s Biblical. ¬†The terms are not mine; they’re adopted from others. ¬†But as I seek God’s direction for the future of my leadership, and the church God allows me to pastor, I have a growing conviction and clarity about what needs to be done and what is at stake. ¬†If we are to reach our world for Christ, and be truly obedient to the Great Commission, we must be committed, not just to growing by¬†addition, but by¬†multiplication. ¬†Individually, we must multiply as disciples. ¬†Collectively, we must multiply as churches. ¬†There is simply no other way to effectively reach the world in time. ¬†Multiplication has been God’s plan from the beginning of time. ¬†Here is the message I shared:

Multiply - God's Plan For His People - Title